COBRA PzF NanoCoated Coronary Stent (NCS)

The revolutionary COBRA PzF NCS is a new nanocoated, non drug-eluting stent that allows physicians to safely and effectively treat their patients who may benefit from a short, minimum 1-month DAPT requirement.

TRYTON Side Branch Stent

The Tryton Side Branch Stent is deployed in the side branch artery using a standard single-wire, balloon-expandable stent delivery system. The open architecture of the Tryton stent allows for integration of a conventional drug eluting stent for the main vessel.

Envision Scientific – Abluminus DES+

The Abluminus DES+ is a product of envisolution Technology which is designed to treat diabetic patients.

Envisolution technology is a combination of highly effective drug delivery with target specificcoating technology. It is a biodegradable polymer based drug delivery technology. Abluminus (DES+) sirolimus eluting coronary stent system is a product of Envisolution Technology.

The Envisolution Technology Was Designed Considering Following Mentioned Concerns
• Delayed Healing with poor endothelialisation
• Acute/Sub acute/Late Thrombosis In Coronary Artery
• Restenosis Patterns Focal/Edge/Proximal
• Dose Of Drug/Polymer