TME Pacing Wires

OSYPKA Temporary Myocardial Leads (TME, pacing wires, heart wires) are designed for temporary pacing of patients after open chest cardiac surgery. OSYPKA TME are attached to the myocardial wall of the atrium or atria, and/or the ventricle(s). With the thoracic needle on the opposite end of the pacing wire the lead is led through the chest to the outside of the patient. Fixation on the cardiac tissue can be achieved with a selection of different tyes of anchormechanisms that are either inserted and pulled through the myocardium with the help of a small needle, or are attached with sutures. Cardiac stimulation with OSYPKA TME can be carried out via the right and/or left atrium (bi-atrial pacing), and the right ventricle, or both ventricles (CRT/biventricular stimulation).