Vesocclude™ Titanium Ligation Clips

• Chevron shape designed to engulf tissue with precise tip-to-tip closure.
• Heart-shaped grooved wire designed to provide a firm, secure grip on vessels.
• Deeper transverse grooves designed to resist slipping across vessels for secure grip.
• Deeper center valley designed to provide more tissue space for added grip.
• Heart-shaped cross section designed to maximize surface-to-surface contact with applier jaw.

Versatile Appliers for Open and Endoscopic Procedures

• Flush port designed to allow thorough cleaning.
• Endoscopic appliers available for medium clips with 33cm length as well as medium-large and large clips in 33cm and 45cm lengths.

Advanced Cartridge System

• Loading is easy with our patented push and click system that provides feedback when a clip is loaded.
• Cartridge system contains barium to improve detection.
• Applier fingers provide a guide for ease of loading each clip into the applier. After loading, fingers remain in a down position to indicate the clip has been loaded.
• Adhesive tape on base allows adherence to any sterile, dry surface.
•Tab lock-outs and large base with deep side grooves increase clip
visibility and make handling easy.
• Available in cartridges of six and 24 clips.
• Cartridges are color-coded to match appliers, ensuring proper loading.
• SureGrip™ grooved shanks designed to improve handling for the surgeon.
• Open appliers designed for easy cleaning, providing easy access to the box lock.