Sunoptic TITAN Xenon X450 Light Source

The TITAN’s 400 watts of bright white light is the only light source on the market that delivers this amount of light to the surgical site.
• New ceramic body elliptical lamp
• New touch screen controls
• 1,000 hour lamp
• Dual fan cooling system
• External air filter
• Automatic shutter
• Standby mode
• New mechanical lamp alignment
• Consistent high lux output
• Internal self diagnosis

Sunoptic TITAN Xenon X350 Light Source

The TITAN’s 300 watts of Bright White light is superior to any other 300 watt system in the market due to the advanced optic design.

• New Ceramic body elliptical lamp
• New Touch Screen Controls
• 1,000 hour lamp
• Dual Fan Cooling System
• External Air Filter
• Automatic Shutter
• Standby Mode
• New Mechanical Lamp Alignment
• Consistent High Lux Output
• Internal Self Diagnosis