Sunoptic TITAN LX2 LED Headlight System

The TITAN LX2 is the next generation of battery-operated LED headlights. It features an efficient modern light module design made from robust aluminum, which leads to greater durability during transport and handling. More power efficient batteries with a lower voltage that lead to a continuous 3 hour run time at full output. When paired with our new extended life batteries, the run time at full output is doubled to 6 hours total! This new battery operated LED headlight provides unmatched light output and spot quality.

• Portable LED Headlight with Sunoptic Surgical patented RCS Headband
• Newly designed premium aluminum spot module
• Newly designed robust battery holster with clip
• Battery Pack with (2) Standard Rechargeable Batteries and (1) Extended Life Battery
• Dual Bay Charger
• Padded Carrying Case for Storage
• Includes Disposable Joysticks and Extra Replacement Comfort Liners