AccuVein AV500

The green vein projection shows veins in as both dark lines on a bright background or as light lines on a dark background (inverse mode). The AV500 has a unique laser camera projector that enables its small, handheld design and always in focus projection. It also allows for permanent alignment. All other projection vein systems require preventive maintenance to ensure that they stay in alignment. Best of all, the AV500 uses a low power Class 1 laser ensuring eye safety without requiring any special protective gear.

AccuVein’s success comes from its market-leading vein imaging combined with an intuitive, simple user experience. We’ve upgraded the AV500 with a simplified display that makes it even easier for the user. The three buttons allow the user to:

• Switch from from dark veins on a green background to green veins on a dark background
• Change the brightness to fit the ambient conditions
• Set automatic timeout from 10 minutes to always on to fit the specific clinical need

The bright OLED display provides current device status in an easy to read and understand manner using large, very visible icons.