Sorin XTRA

An ATS system designed for the 21st century:
• Advanced design – functional integration and superior usability
• Graphic color touch screen – fast and intuitive operator interface
• Comprehensive data management – allows multiple and simultaneous download of cases

An easier ATS system to use:
• Fast and intuitive set-up – 360º snap-in bowl mounting, lid-guided tubing positioning and automated pump loading and unloading
• Fully automated processing mode – the option for complete automation from start to finish
• Refined ergonomics – improved human interaction throughout all working phases

The features you‘re looking for in a multi-faceted ATS system:
• High RBC HCT and wash quality – innovative dual RBC detector technology delivers the highest RBC hematocrit, recovery and wash quality
• Fast volume processing – ideal for high volume challenges
• Quiet, powerful vacuum – modular vacuum pump for top performance with maximum flexibility

Sorin XVAC

XVAC is a modular vacuum pump, designed to be extremely quiet and to deliver top performance and maximum  exibility by working as a standalone unit or
fully integrated into the XTRA system. When seated in its housing and connected to the system, Sorin XVAC can be activated and operated from a dedicated displet on the XTRA user interface. When used standalone, the vacuum pump can be controlled from the XVAC panel.

Sorin XVAC guarantees uncomparable  exibility functioning in two operative modes, Intra and Post delivering an optimized solution for perioperative blood
recovery. Moreover, XVAC can be activated right after power-on, reacting promptly to critical emergency situations.

The vacuum power ranges from:
• 50 to -300 mmHg (Intra-operative mode – High vacuum capacity)
• 10 to -100 mmHg (Post-operative mode – Gentle aspiration for wound drainage Connection)