Paragon Oxygenator

The standard Paragon Oxygenator has a Polypropylene Micro Porous Fibre Gas Exchanger and is available either as a separate stand-alone product, or as an integrated unit when used in conjunction with the Paragon venous & cardiotomy reservoir – making a complete and dependable system.

Paragon Adult Maxi
The Adult Maxi is the largest and most powerful model in the Paragon range – accommodating larger patients in a variety of models and orientations.

Paragon Adult Midi
The Adult Midi is the corner stone of the Paragon range – engineered to cover a diverse adult patient population for both standard bypass and ECMO.

Paragon Adult Mini
The Adult Mini is one of the newest additions to the Paragon range – efficiently bridging the gap between the Paediatric and Adult models.

Paragon Paediatric
The Paragon Paediatric adopts the same successful design and features as its larger family members – with an optimised balance of volume vs performance.

Paragon Infant
The Paragon Infant is the latest addition to the Paragon range – optimised to deliver outstanding performance and reliability in both standard bypass and ECMO situations.