Sunoptic SSL-9500 LED Headlight System

Sunoptics Surgical SSL-9500 LED Headlight delivers the bright white light needed for surgical procedures. The LED light provides the surgeon with a homogenous spot for true tissue color recognition. The battery powered LED headlight offers the freedom from being tethered to a lightsource by a fiberoptic cable. The RCS headband and the lightweight LED module provide stability as well as comfort.

• The Rear Cranial Support “RCS” is Lightweight and Comfortable
• Ergonomic ratchet adjustment design
• 75 Color Rendition (CRI)
• 10w LED offers the BRIGHTEST illumination available
• Module with variable spot size: 20mm-110mm @ 16″
• Light Intensity: 70,000 Lux @ 16″ / 40 cm working distance
• Lightweight battery and clip on holster provide 2hr 45 min of continuous use
• Audible warning when battery life is low
• Robust inline cable connection