Cardiopulmonary 0.2 micron water filter

A filtration device with a disposable cartridge that removes micro-organisms and waterborne pathogens to provide sterile water.
The CE marked, Class 1 device is compact, robust and highly efficient – providing sterile water after a single pass, with the application position between a hypothermic heater/cooler and an extracorporeal oxygenator.

The Polycarbonate housing contains a removable and disposable membrane Polyethersulfone (PES) filter that allows 7 days of continuous filtration down to 0.2µm. The efficient filter provides the reliable removal of bacteria, waterborne pathogens, certain viruses, oils, fats and other fine particles.
With an operating volume of approximately 1,100ml, a flow of 13LPM can be easily achieved with a pressure drop of only 200mmHg, making it ideal for use on large theatre heater/coolers, as well as smaller mobile models found on ITU’s.