Off-Pump Stabilizer

The new Stable series stabilizers from Beijing MEDOS. Designed for optimal stabilization and easy of use. The newest members of the Stable family offer uncompromising strength and stability with outstanding anastomotic site visibility and access.
Featuring the superior maneuverability of our interlink technology on a stronger arm, our innovative tri-slot socket wrist for „toes-up“ capability, and independent vacuum pods on malleable feet designed to conform to all contours of the heart.

• 360 ° action radius for stabilizer and positioning system / after locking the system
remains stable.
• System is compatible with Maquet or Medtronic.
• Especially for patients in bad, operative condition (E.g. diabetes, stroke).
• Low trauma for the body, since no HLM is necessary.
• Less cognitive and neurological effects on the patient.
• Less memory problems in the patient.
• Fast recovery postoperatively.
• Reduced inpatient stay requires fewer blood transfusions.
• Low profile stabilization for access to anastomotic site.
• Malleable footpads provide optimal positioning.
• Apical positioning for access to all arteries.
• Stabilizer and apical positioner fit other sternal retractors.